Rule Engine

The Rule Engine lets you create custom rules to make bulk changes to your Google Ads account. It supports changing bids and status at the keyword, product group, and ad group level based on performance metrics. It is possible to run the rules in Optmyzr in real-time, preview them, and also instantly apply them through Optmyzr. 

You can save them as starred strategies, to access and apply instantly from the optimizations tab, as well as set them as a "global strategy", which will make it available across your accounts. 

You can find more detailed information about the Rule Engine in our user guide, or watch a demo video of how it works. 

Rule Engine in Custom Workouts

The Account Workouts are a series of optimizations that help you achieve a goal. It combines the different tools Optmyzr has in a logical order to streamline your workflow process. There are some prebuilt workouts, and you can also create your own custom ones. The custom account workouts can be created using the Rule Engine's Global Strategies.

Multi-Account Reporting

The Multi-Account reporting tool lets you include data from multiple Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads accounts in the same report. It also lets you aggregate data across accounts using the specialized multi-account reporting widgets. Read more about the Multi-Account report here.

Advanced Reporting Features

With every subscription you'll have access to advanced reporting features that will make your reporting tasks easier:

  • Add Comments To Reports: Add unique one-time observations to a report before sharing them with stakeholders. This is done once the template has been saved, and works as a text-only reference. Screenshot below.

  • Calculated Metrics: Add custom parameters as columns in all the Table widgets in the reports. 

Calculated Metrics

The Calculated Metrics option allows you to add custom parameters as columns within the dashboard. You can customize the name of the calculated metric and fill in a formula using different parameters to get the statistics you want to display.

Imported Metrics

Another way of importing custom columns to your Pro Dashboard is through an external Google Sheet. In the Imported Metrics section, you can easily connect your own spreadsheet to fetch columns with stats and custom metrics.  

Once you've linked your spreadsheet, the system will list all the available column names, and you'll then be able to choose which one(s) you'd like to pull into the dashboard. 

Optimize Budgets Across Platforms

The Optimize Budgets Across Platforms tool lets you track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook). You can access the detailed user guide here.

Account Alerts

The account alerts feature in the MCC dashboard helps track the performance of specific metrics. It notifies you if the performance for a metric falls below target or starts trending in the wrong direction.

Custom Metrics are available for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and Amazon Ads, and can even be integrated with Zapier and Slack.

You can read more about the different types of Account Alerts here.

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