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Account Alerts on the All Accounts Dashboard
Account Alerts on the All Accounts Dashboard
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What are Account Alerts?

The account alerts feature in the All Accounts dashboard helps track the performance of specific metrics. It notifies you if the performance for a metric falls below target or starts trending in the wrong direction.

Note: To have alerts at a more granular level or for other platforms, please refer to the View & Manage Alerts article here.

How do they work?

Account alerts work in two ways:

  • Track a metric's performance against a given target. 

  • Monitor the trend and notify if the performance starts declining. 

How to set up account alerts

It is possible to set up an alert for each metric on the dashboard. To set up an alert:

  • Hover over the metric to open the alert box.

  • Click on 'Add an alert'.

  • Enter the target you want to track. You'll have the option to use Automatic or Manual settings for the target. If you don’t have an exact target in mind, the automatic mode uses the last 8 weeks’ data as the target. If you choose the manual mode, the value should be your expected target based on the last 4 weeks.

For example, if you're entering a target for cost/conversion as 20 and the allowed percentage deviation is 10%, then the system will highlight the cell in Red if the cost/conversion goes above $22.

  • Select the account owner.

  • Click on 'Save' to finish the setup.

What do the colors on the dashboard mean?

The color of the cell will turn light red or dark red depending on the status of the metric.

  • Light Red - A light Red color means that either the metric is off-target or the performance is declining.

  • Dark Red - A dark Red color means that the metric is off-target, and the performance is declining. 

Anomaly Alerts

The Auto Alerts or 'Anomalies' are set up for three metrics: Cost, Impressions, and Clicks. You will receive a notification whenever the performance of either of the three metrics changes by 75% or more on a particular day, both positively or negatively.

These alerts are generated and monitored by the Optmyzr system, so you will be automatically notified over email, on the Triggered alert page, and on Slack if you have enabled this option.

You can read more details about how this works here.

Who will receive the alerts?

Whoever is the owner of the alert set up on the page will receive the alerts. We do not allow you to save an alert unless at least one team member is selected to be notified for metric or budget alerts.

By default, all alert notifications will be sent over email to the Account owner, which is specified on the All Accounts Dashboard.

If an account triggers an alert and no team member owns it or has it starred, the alert for the account will go to the person who set up that alert.

If the owner of the alert unsubscribed from alerts and emails from Optmyzr, by default, our system will notify the person who created the alert.

Active Alerts

On the top right of the All Accounts Dashboard, you'll see a bell icon for Active Alerts, where you can find the details of the alerts set up and which ones have been triggered.

Managing Account Alerts

If you want to set up alerts at a granular level, please refer to this article. There you'll see how you can set up alerts at the account level with more advanced options such as assigning multiple owners.

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