If you can't find the account you want to link by its name, you can also search for it in the Dashboard's search box by Google Ads account ID, as the names in Optmyzr can sometimes be different than in Google Ads.

To change the account's name in Optmyzr, and for it to match the name it has in Google Ads, you can go to the Main Dashboard, hover over the account, and press the Account Settings.

My MCC Dashboard is not loading

If you are having problems with your MCC Dashboard, we recommend checking the following points:

  1. Browser Version: To ensure the best experience, make sure your browser is up-to-date.

  2. How to update Google Chrome

  3. How to update Mozilla Firefox

  4. Browser Extensions: Some extensions are known to cause navigation issues. Try to load Optmyzr after disabling the suspected extension or from an Incognito window (without any extensions enabled).

I'm having trouble linking a specific account

It is possible that for the specific account, Optmyzr is getting the following error TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION_NOT_ENROLLED.

This means that 2-factor verification of the email is required, but the login used to connect it doesn't have it. You can either try to enable the two-step verification for that email or try relinking the account with a different login.

Why is there a discrepancy in the conversion-related metrics shown in the alert trend chart?

The data for the trend chart on the MCC dashboard is updated once daily, which helps us load the trend chart data for all accounts swiftly and reduces loading time. Since the conversion data in Google Ads are updated continuedly, you may see a discrepancy in the conversion-related metrics. To help overcome this problem, we've increased this frequency to refresh and update the data twice a day.

Please note that this issue occurs only for the data in the trend chart, and the rest of the data on the MCC dashboard is pulled when the dashboard is loaded.

In addition to this, you will find a new option to fetch the real-time values for the trend chart on the MCC Dashboard. This solution includes a "refresh icon" right next to the trend chart, which, when clicked, will fetch the real-time data for all metrics of that account at the given point in time.

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