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What is it?

If you have too many Google Ads accounts to optimize, you can now plan your week effectively with the Optimizations Inbox. The tool gives you an idea of how many optimization suggestions there are across multiple Google Ads accounts and suggests the type of optimizations that can be performed. 

The Optimizations Inbox provides information on:

  • The number of recommendations for our top six Optimizations for linked accounts.

  • Information on when optimization was last run on the account. 

How do I access it?

You can find the Optimizations Inbox under the Optimizations tab. You can access it through the All Accounts Dashboard, or while working on any Google Ads account. 

Why should I use it?

The Optimizations inbox suggests the latest optimization suggestion for multiple Google Ads accounts, all in one place. In other words, it gives recommendations for the Google Ads accounts which are optimization-ready. 

It will help you prioritize and plan changes for all the accounts linked with Optmyzr. This will allow you to line up your workweek efficiently and save time.

Why is the number of suggestions in the Optimizations Inbox different from the optimizations?

The Optimizations Inbox gives an approximate number of recommendations that the account may have.

When you click on the optimization you will see the actual number of suggestions because they are based on real-time data which is why the two numbers may be different.

Accounts for which optimizations are run more often get updated faster in the Optimizations Inbox, so the more often you run the optimizations, the faster the inbox will be updated.

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