I can't see any suggestions in the Shopping Bidder

This can happen for a couple of different reasons.

  • You are using an automated bidding strategy. You won't see suggestions for product groups that are using an automated bidding strategy in Google Ads, as the bids for these product groups don't allow any manual bid adjustment. 
  • Filter Criteria. Based on the selected criteria, the system doesn't have any suggestions. Try a different filter or, change the criteria.
  • Paused campaigns. The selected campaigns are paused and the system only shows suggestions for active campaigns.

I saw suggestions in the Optimizations Inbox but I don't see them here. Why is that?

The suggestions shown in the optimization inbox are updated every few hours and the suggestions inside the optimization are real time. The time difference between updates sometimes causes a discrepancy.

Reminder on Ad Group Names

Please note that if the ad groups have a tab in their name (for example "name|name"), the tool will return an error. To avoid this, make sure you check and modify (if necessary) any ad groups with tabs in their names.

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