Automation in Optmyzr includes Report Scheduling, Enhanced Script automation, Rule Engine, and Shopping Refresher Pro. For Reports and Scripts, every subscription plan comes with unlimited automation.

You can find the details of past and scheduled automations in the Automation Schedules and Automation History pages under the Optimizations tab.

Automating a Strategy in the Rule Engine

On the Rule Engine’s main page, you will see a list of all the strategies you’ve created. Press on the strategy's name, and on the options go to Preview Suggestions, where you'll see an overview of the suggested changes, with details for the actions to be taken and which of the rules in the strategy, each item matched.

The setting for the automation will also display the option to request a review from an Optmyzr specialist before it is enabled.

Running the Product Group Refresher (Shopping Refresher Pro) on a Schedule

The Product Group Refresher can be automated to run on a schedule, allowing you to re-sync your feed automatically. The process works the same way; click on the Automate button and you'll see the configuration settings for frequency and campaign selector, among other options. 

Automation Schedules

The automation schedules have 3-hour time slots where you can set the automation to run. As this process depends on the factors like server availability, size of the feed, and the number of operations in the Google Ads queue, there can't be one specific time defined, and that's why we work on three-hour slots.

You don't have to worry about the automation as the system keeps checking regularly and if something fails, we are notified.

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