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Performance Data Tables

For each of the data table widgets, you'll find Account and Campaign selectors, Segments and Stats to be considered (taken from a dropdown menu), option to filter and sort results as well as defining Custom Filters, date range and nº of rows.

These are the available Data Performance Table Widgets for Google Analytics

  • Analytics Performance

  • Visitor Performance

  • User Performance

  • Conversion Performance

  • E-commerce Performance

  • Audience Performance

  • Acquisition Performance

  • Content Performance

  • Assisted Conversions

  • Google Analytics KPI Cluster

Performance Data Charts

The performance data chart available works a bit in the same way as the data tables, as it has Account and Campaign Selectors, Filters, and Date Ranges. In this widget, however, you can choose to display the results through a Line Chart or a Pie Chart. For each type, you'll see the options for metrics and segments as a drop-down.

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