Microsoft Ads - Troubleshooting
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No conversions for Microsoft accounts in Reporting

The conversions for Microsoft are getting reported under the converted clicks (Conv Clicks) metric and not under conversions (Conv). All our instant report templates currently use the Conversion metric by default. Due to this, conversions from Microsoft will appear to be zero.

You can either customize an instant report template and select Converted Clicks instead of Conversions in the widgets, or you can create your own report template and select converted clicks in that.

I'm seeing an error when trying to log in with my Microsoft Account.

Sometimes, if you try to log in through a personal profile, you might see the error "You can no longer use this personal Microsoft account to access Microsoft Advertising. Please sign in using your work account instead", and when trying to log in with a work profile, you see that the organization does not have access to the service ("The app needs access to a service").

If this is the case, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check to see if you can access Microsoft Ads through their interface.

  • Confirm with your work IT admin if you have access to the Microsoft Ads account, in your Azure directory, if you are using one.

If both steps are cleared, and you still can't log in, then please contact us at to help you.

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