What is the COVID-19 PPC Analysis tool?

This tool overlays the different COVID-19 related events/announcements that have been made by location on top of the performance chart. It lets you see whether changes in traffic and conversions align with certain announcements that were made in a particular location.

How to use this tool?

Select the location that you would like to view the events/announcements for in the drop down above the chart. This will mark different points on the chart with markers and the corresponding event/announcement will show on the right. Select the two metrics you want to plot on the chart. 

You can change the data shown in the chart by changing the campaigns, networks, devices, date selection on the left. For example, if you have campaigns targeting different locations, you can select campaigns targeting the same location on the left and then select the location above the chart. 

The data for metrics in the chart is not for the location selected above the chart but for the campaigns, networks, devices, date selection on the left.

Use cases

-See if huge spikes or dips in traffic for an account align with events/announcements that were announced.
-Change the device selection on the left to see if the traffic on desktops or mobiles phones increased significantly. For example, did more people start searching on their phones after they started working from home.

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