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Important information on Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase Ads Availability

Showcase Shopping Ads are currently only available in the following countries:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Image criteria defined by Google

Dimensions: 600 x 314 px minimum (1200 x 628 px recommended). 1.91:1 aspect ratio. Images of 812 x 428 px and less are acceptable, but can limit your overall reach, and are therefore not recommended.

Format: JPG or PNG
Image color model: RGB
Max file size: 5 MB

If the image doesn’t follow the guidelines, no campaigns will be created.

Note: In certain cases, the bottom part of your image may not be visible. Place the most important content sufficiently far from the bottom edge. You can also crop the image, and then see what it'll look like in the preview on the side.

Creating your Showcase Shopping Ads

You can use our Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 to create showcase shopping ads from scratch.

1. Choose the split structure.

Select the structure the ad groups and product groups will have inside each campaign. The first level by default will be the level at which ad groups are created and will be the level at which you are creating campaigns (if creating new campaigns).

2. Create an Ad.

The tool will give you the necessary setting fields for name, headline, description, final URL, display URL, and image URL. You can use the “{“ to insert product attributes while creating an ad. The ad group level attributes will be only present for ad creation.

3. Set Budget and Additional Settings.

In this step, you can set your bidding strategy and review any additional settings such as ad group naming format and country of sale.

4. Review the Structure and Apply Changes.

In this step, you'll review the campaigns that'll be created, and visualize how many ad groups, products, and product groups will be contained in each. The budget and bid can be manually changed here, if required, simply by pressing on the value and making a change.

Maintaining your Showcase Shopping Ads

Through the use of our Shopping Campaign Refresher 2.0, you can keep your showcase shopping ads up to date. This tool will automatically create new campaigns and ad groups based on the split structure you previously defined in step 1. It'll also add new ads if new ad groups are created.

You can read more about how it works here.


When in the output you see issues like these, this means none of the ads were created due to invalid image criteria, and the campaigns were not be created. As a result, the overall operation has failed.

In the case that a static image link is being used (meaning all the ads have the same image) then no campaigns will be created. However, if image links are being used with ad group level attributes such as {Brand} or {Product Type 0}, then campaign groups will be created for the images that meet the criteria, and the rest will be skipped.

In this last case, we'll create the campaign group with that particular ad group and campaign, and skip the ones which do not have any valid images. If all the ad groups are skipped, the campaign will be skipped as well, and details will be added in the log file.

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