Note: This feature is only supported for Google Ads account.

How are the dashboard suggestions generated?

The suggestions are generated account-wise for the default view. If there is no default view, then we'll generate system default suggestions that include default views across all accounts.

How frequently are the dashboard suggestions generated?

The system generates suggestions once a day. If during the day, any of the suggestions are applied in the given tool, then no new suggestions will be generated for that day.

Because of this, you might see some discrepancy in the number of suggestions on the dashboard and the actual suggestions in the tool, as the dashboard suggestions are only generated once a day.

Do the suggestions show up account-based or based on the user who logs in?

We have 2 types of suggestions. Individual child-user-based and team-based solutions. Few suggestions like shopping Refresher or system default view suggestions are generated only once per team and are stored as team-shared suggestions. These suggestions will be shown for all the child users of a given account.

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