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API Migration

Optmyzr is in the process of migrating from the old Google AdWords API to the new Google Ads API. There are some differences between the two APIs which may cause some data discrepancies.

One of the biggest differences is that there are some new campaign types like Performance Max and Local campaigns that are supported in the new Google Ads API but not in the old one. If you notice any differences in the data shown by Optmyzr tools and the Google Ads interface it could be due to the limitation of the AdWords API used by the tools.

We have already started migrating Optmyzr's tools to the new Google Ads API. As we are quickly progressing with migration, you can expect each Optmyzr tool to be in line with the data provided by Google in the near future.

The following are tools that are already using the new Google Ads API:

Note: Tools marked with an asterisk (*) do not support Performance Max campaigns yet.


  • MCC Dashboard

  • Account Dashboard


  • Alerts Settings

  • PPC Investigator

  • PPC Policy & Audit Designer

  • Performance Comparison

  • Spend Projection

  • Geo Heatmap

  • Hour of Week Analysis

  • Shopping Campaign Analysis

  • Landing Page Performance *

  • Quality Score Tracker

  • Search Term Word Cloud *

  • Segment Explorer


Keyword Management Tools

  • Keyword Lasso

  • Negative Keyword Finder

  • Traffic Sculptor

  • Non-converting Keyword Finder

  • One Word Keywords

  • Keyword De-duper

Tools for Manual Bidding

  • First Page Bridger

  • Conversion Grabber

  • Find Expensive Keywords

  • Hour of the Week Bid Adjustments

  • Geo Bid Adjustments

  • Audience Bid Adjustments

  • Device Bid Adjustments

Tools For Automated Bidding

  • Optimize Target ROAS

  • Optimize Target CPA

  • Non-Converting Queries (Search)

  • Non-Converting Queries (Shopping)

Ad Management Tools

  • AB Testing for Ads

  • Create Responsive Search Ads

  • Ad Text Optimization

Budget Tools

  • Optimize Budgets - Single Account

  • Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio

Tools for Placements

  • Display Placement Exclusions *

  • Mobile App Exclusion *

  • Account Level Placement Exclusion *

Tools for Shopping Campaigns

  • Shopping Bidder

  • Shopping Attribute Bidder

  • Negative Keywords for Shopping

Optmyzr Express *

Rule Engine *

Campaign Experiments

Utility Tools

  • Manage Optmyzr Labels

  • URL Checker *

  • Bulk IP Exclusion *

  • Segment Scorer

  • Customer Match List Updates*


  • All account specific and multi-account widgets *

Campaign Automator *

Performance Max Campaigns

Please note that since Performance Max campaigns are still relatively new, some developers are still reporting issues. If you try any of these tools and see discrepancies, please let us know.

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