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Consulting Service for Optmtyz's Tools and Features
Consulting Service for Optmtyz's Tools and Features
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We currently offer a consulting service for Optmyzr subscribers which allows you to get on a one-hour call with an Optmyzr specialist. The focus of this call is to help you boost Optmyzr usage to its fullest potential, and make the most out of your subscription. 

Through this consulting service, we'll gladly help you with matters such as:

  • Explaining our tools

  • Which tools to use and when

  • How our tools interact with other tools you may already have

  • How our tools align with best practices

  • Setting up Optmyzr Report templates

  • Report schedules

  • BRE (including connecting external data)

  • Blueprints (reviewing your agency process)

  • Custom views and filters

  • Alerts

  • Industry Insights

  • Explaining our blog posts

  • Explaining our webinars

Please note that this service is not account management, therefore we will focus on explaining our tools, and won't be making any final decisions on what changes to accept or decline. 

To request this service, you can contact us from this form or email us directly to

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