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About Optmyzr

Learn about Optmyzr's subscriptions plans and how to get started with a trial account

Onboarding Resources

Find a collection of checklists that can help you get started based on your goals

What's new in Optmyzr?

Here, you'll learn the changes, updates, and the list of new features we've added to the Optmyzr suite of tools.

Manage & Connect your Accounts

How to link, set up, and overview your accounts in Optmyzr

Campaign Automator

Create automated inventory campaigns for search and display

Rule Engine

Build custom strategies and save time while staying in control.

Optmyzr Express

Know more about the one-click optimizations suggestions across multiple ads accounts

Microsoft Ads

Boost your advertising reach by creating Microsoft Ads accounts through Optmyzr and learn how to optimize them

Amazon Ads

Learn more about what Optmyzr has to offer for Amazon Ads accounts

Meta Ads

Learn more about what Optmyzr has to offer for Facebook Ads accounts.

Optimize your Shopping Campaigns

Create and maintain Shopping campaigns to maximize profit

Integrate External Data with Optmyzr

Integrate data from various external sources to analyze, report and optimize with Optmyzr

Optimization Features in our Tools

Learn how to view Optimization History and create custom views in Optmyzr

Get Insights on your Account's Performance

Keep an eye on your accounts and quickly analyze performance

Optimize your Keywords

Manage Search Queries and Keywords in just a few clicks

Optimize your Bids & Budget

Optimize your bids, whether manual or automated, and reclaim control of your advertising budgets

Ad Management, Workflows & Bulk Operations

Create and manage ads, as well as custom workflows. Learn more about bulk operations in Optmyzr

Automation in Optmyzr

Learn more about the different types of automation in Optmyzr and how to manage them

Report on your Account's Performance

Create custom report template that help you showcase the value of your campaigns

Enhanced Scripts for Google Ads

Scripts for Google Ads made easy.

Google Analytics 4

Integrating GA4 and Optmyzr

Optmyzr's Add-on Features

Learn more about Optmyzr's Add-on Solutions

Yahoo Japan

Learn more about what Optmyzr has to offer for Yahoo Japan Ads accounts