About Optmyzr

Learn about Optmyzr's subscriptions plans and how to get started with a trial account

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Onboarding Resources

Find a collection of checklists that can help you get started based on your goals

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What's new in Optmyzr?

Here, you'll learn the changes, updates, and the list of new features we've added to the Optmyzr suite of tools.

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Manage & Connect your Accounts

How to link and set up your accounts in Optmyzr

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Campaign Automator

Create automated inventory campaigns for search and display

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Rule Engine

Build custom strategies and save time while staying in control.

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Microsoft Ads

Boost your advertising reach by creating Microsoft Ads accounts through Optmyzr and learn how to optimize them

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Amazon Ads

Learn more about what Optmyzr's has to offer for Amazon Ads accounts.

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Meta Ads

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Optimize your Shopping Campaigns

Create and maintain Shopping campaigns to maximize profit

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Integrate External Data with Optmyzr

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Optimization Features in our Tools

Learn how to view Optimization History and create custom views in Optmyzr

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Get Insights on your Account's Performance

Keep an eye on your accounts and quickly analyze performance

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Optimize your Keywords

Manage Search Queries and Keywords in just a few clicks

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Optimize your Bids & Budget

Optimize your bids, whether manual or automated, and reclaim control of your advertising budgets

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Ad Management, Workflows & Bulk Operations

Create and manage ads, as well as custom workflows. Learn more about bulk operations in Optmyzr

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Automation in Optmyzr

Learn more about the different types of automation in Optmyzr and how to manage them

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Report on your Account's Performance

Create custom report template that help you showcase the value of your campaigns

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Enhanced Scripts for Google Ads

Scripts for Google Ads made easy.

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Google Analytics 4

Integrating GA4 and Optmyzr

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Optmyzr Add-on Features

Learn more about Optmyzr's Add-on Solutions

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Yahoo Japan

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