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How often is your data refreshed?

Most data in Optmyzr is in real-time. It was technically challenging to build a fast, real-time optimization system (that also has to work for some of the world’s largest advertisers), but we didn’t think you’d be happy waiting 6 hours or more for data to be updated, so we made it real-time. There are a few overview pages where we cache data. 

What kind of training is there for Optmyzr?

We provide a variety of training sessions at no additional cost, including 1-on-1 calls, webinars for new users, webinars to introduce new features, contextual videos, and self-paced courses on Udemy.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our support team is ready to answer any question via email, and since we have teams on 3 continents, we almost always have someone online - even on weekends! For more complex questions and periodic training, you can request a call where we’ll share our screen or request to look at yours.

Do you offer Consulting?

We currently offer a consulting service that is focused on boosting your use of Optmyzr to help you make the most from your subscription. You can read the details of this here. We also do a lot of thought leadership by writing for Search Engine Land, speaking at conferences, doing podcasts with Microsoft, and hosting webinars with Google to share what we learn so that the entire PPC industry can benefit.

How does Optmyzr apply changes to the engines?

Once you’re happy with a proposed optimization to your account, you click a button and the changes instantly start transmitting to the engines. Those changes are live in your account as quickly as their API is able to receive them. For all intents of purpose, this means your changes are live in your account as soon as you submit them.

Will the changes be canceled if I do not sign up?

All the changes you make in Optmyzr will be kept in your Google Ads account even if the trial ends. If you'd like to undo these changes, you can do so from your Google Ads account in "Change History". However, features such as reports, or enhanced scripts, will not work once your trial ends and your account is deactivated. 

Is it easy to connect my PPC account to Optmyzr?

Connecting accounts from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Merchant Center, or Google Analytics is as simple as clicking a button on the respective engines’ authorization page to grant access to Optmyzr. This process takes less than 15 seconds and only has to be done once. You can even connect multiple accounts per engine which is super useful if you have to do an account audit for a PPC account that isn’t connected to your MCC.

Can I choose the accounts I connect to Optmyzr?

Yes, you can bring as many or as few of the accounts associated with your username with the engines into Optmyzr. That means you can control your monthly cost for Optmyzr.

Is Optmyzr complicated to use?

We frequently hear from our users that our tools are very easy to learn. That said, we’re building Optmyzr for PPC experts so if you’re new to PPC, you’ll want to ask us for a little extra help at the start.

Do you have the support of Google?

Optmyzr is a Premier Google Partner. Besides that, one of our co-founders was a long-time Googler and we maintain excellent relationships with all our partners, including Google and Microsoft. We even co-hosted an educational Google Ads Scripts session with Google’s Product Manager for Scripts at the Pubcon conference.

How can I keep up with Optmyzr updates?

You can keep up with Optmyzr product updates by subscribing to our newsletter on this link.

You can also review the latest release updates by clicking on the speaker icon on the top right side, or you can access What's New with Optmyzr on this link. Don't forget to check our Youtube Channel for PPC-related content such as the Learn with Optmyzr session!

If you are a paid customer, you can reach out to support@optmyzr.com if you are interested in getting updates regarding new features launched every month over email with a simple slide.

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