Troubleshooting your Connected Accounts
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Why do I get an error when trying to add a user?

One Optmyzr account can only be linked to one email address. The system gives an error when an email address that is already associated with an Optmyzr account is invited. If this happens, there are two options:

  1. Choose another email address or, if it is a Gmail email address, append it with a +sign and number. Example,

  2. Write to to remove the old Optmyzr account that was associated with the email address. 

Why is my account still loading?

This usually happens when we lose access to your Google Analytics account. It only happens on the All Accounts dashboard because that pulls data from Google Analytics and Google Ads. So if we lose access to the linked Analytics profile, the system keeps trying to pull data which is why it seems to be in process. 

The account picker indicates that I have potentially lost access to an account, but the account is loading fine

This information does not rely on live data, so it can sometimes be inaccurate. We verify if Optmyzr has access on a daily basis. Please contact support if you see this warning for more than a day.

Why can't I see conversion value data?

Optmyzr pulls data directly from Google Ads, and if the data is not available in Google Ads, it won't show in Optmyzr. Conversion Value has to be configured in your Google Ads account and website, and only then will Google Ads start tracking it. Once it starts showing in the Google Ads account, it'll start showing in Optmyzr. This article explains how to start tracking Conversion Value in Google Ads. 

Conversion Value is usually the value of a sale that is completed on your website. Different products have different values, and Conversion Value helps track the actual value or ROI of a sale. For example, if you're only tracking conversions, then a television for $500 and a pair of shoes for $50 are both recorded as a single conversion when clearly the value of the TV is higher.

I'm not able to see linked Amazon accounts on the 'Link Accounts to Optmyzr' page, but they are connected and available across all Optmyzr tools

If you cannot see your linked Amazon account on the page, but you can view its data in other Optmyzr tools, it's because you have read-only access provided for it. It would just not be visible on the Linked Accounts page. To be able to see it, please ask your admin to change your access level. Learn more about access controls in Amazon here.

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