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How often are Optmyzr’s tools updated?

We launch new changes every week in response to customer feedback and to support changes in the way the engines (Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) send us their data through the API. Several times every quarter, we introduce entirely new tools to make managing PPC even easier.

How often is your data refreshed?

Most data in Optmyzr is in real-time. It was technically challenging to build a fast, real-time optimization system (that also has to work for some of the world’s largest advertisers), but we didn’t think you’d be happy waiting 6 hours or more for data to be updated, so we made it real-time. There are a few overview pages where we cache data. 

Are Google Ads Scripts hard to use?

Optmyzr pioneered scripts-based tools for Google Ads but we provide much more than just that. In fact, most of our tools are API-based and have modern, easy-to-use interfaces. Our scripts library uses patent-pending technology to make Google Ads Scripts completely accessible to any advertiser without writing a single line of code.

How are your optimization suggestions different from those in Google Ads?

Optmyzr is built for PPC experts whereas the Google Ads interface is built for anyone who wants to advertise online. As a result, many of the suggestions made by Google may be too basic for advanced account managers. Even when the fundamentals of those suggestions are sound, Google makes it hard to tweak the recommendations to be more in line with your own account management style. Optmyzr’s advanced optimizations are purpose-built for PPC experts who want to implement industry best practices while maintaining control over the final result.

Optmyzr always puts advertisers’ needs first whereas Google also has to keep the users of its search engine happy. Our optimizations streamline industry best-practice principles of account management. For example, Optmyzr makes it very easy to build SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) which give advertisers more control but which are not something Google would encourage all its users to do.

How does Optmyzr apply changes to the engines?

Once you’re happy with a proposed optimization to your account, you click a button and the changes instantly start transmitting to the engines. Those changes are live in your account as quickly as their API is able to receive them. For all intents of purpose, this means your changes are live in your account as soon as you submit them.

How can I connect my offline conversions?

If your offline conversions have already been added to Google Ads, you won't need to connect them to Optmyzr because we pull the information from Google Ads through the API, so the offline conversions will be imported automatically into Optmyzr. 

These conversions will be available in All Conversions across the Optmyzr interface, and you will be able to display data separately for them on the Conversion Type widget in Reporting. 

Note: If you haven't yet connected your offline conversions to Google Ads, you can do it here.

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