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Main List of Features

The Enterprise Plan allows you to have unlimited use of all the Core Features in Optmyzr, as well as exclusive use of some features that will help you have greater control of your account. Here's the main list of features for Enterprise Plans:

  • Real-time data refresh

  • Monthly video training sessions

  • Early access to beta features and priority feature requests

  • Advanced security to control which accounts a team member can access

  • No limit on team members that can be invited

  • Create and share white-labeled reports. Report links can use the domain of your choice.

  • Access to the Optmyzr API

  • IP Restriction on which systems can access Optmyzr 

You can find more details on some of these features below:

User Access Level 

As an exclusive Enterprise plan feature, you can work with access levels in Optmyzr to control which accounts a team member can or cannot access. 

The access levels in Optmyzr have been designed to work perfectly with Google Ads access levels, where there will be one primary user on the account, and the other team members will be secondary users.

You can read more about this exclusive feature here.

Custom Domains for Reports

For the Enterprise plan, you can report using your custom domain, meaning you can choose how you want your clients to see the report links you are sending them. 

If the generic domain access is "reports-access.com", with the Enterprise plan, you can include your name/agency name in the link, allowing you to white-label not only the report but also the link you are using. 

API Integration

The Optmyzr API lets you connect to Optmyzr programmatically to access data like optimization suggestions, history, alerts, and more. This data can then be incorporated with other third-party systems.

Every Optmyzr account gets a unique API token that can be used to make calls to the Optmyzr API. For more details, read the API documentation here.

Support and Training

Our customer support is great, but our Enterprise support is astonishing! You get an account manager to help you 24/7 with anything that you might need. You'll get:

  • Onboarding sessions for you and your team.

  • Dedicated account manager for faster support.

  • Monthly training.

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