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How can I access Optmyzr App on Alexa?

You can search for the Optmyzr Skill directly in Alexa skills library. 

Which questions can Alexa answer?

You can get account insights by asking the following questions to Alexa: 

  1. How is my account doing <this month>*?

  2. How many <impressions> did my account get <last month>?

  3. Why did <conversions> change/increase/decrease/fell/rose? 

  4. How is my account getting more <clicks>?

*You can interchange the date ranges and the metrics with the ones you'd like. Find more information below.

You can try more version of these questions and let us know if you have any feedback. 

Which metrics can I access the performance data for?

You can query about Google Ads metrics like CTR, Average CPC, Conversion Rate, Conversion Value, Conversions, Impressions, Cost, Spend, Clicks, Impression Share. 

Which date ranges can I access the performance data for?

You can get information for the date ranges like- Today, This Week, This Month, Last Week, Last Month, Last 7 days, Last 30 days. You can also set the date range to only get performance data for a specific date range by saying "Set Date Range to <date range>" or "Change Date Range to <date range>".

You can also ask Alexa which date range is the performance data for any time you like by saying "What is my date range?" or "What date range is this data for?". 

How can I verify which account is the information for?

You can ask Alexa questions such as "Which Account is this data for?" or "Which account is this?", to verify the account name. 

Can I change or set Alexa to provide information for a specific account?

Yes, you can change your account by commanding Alexa to "Change my Account to <Account Name>." 

If there are multiple accounts with the same name, Alexa may ask you for more information to validate an account like the last four digits of the account ID. It can also give you a list of account names to choose from.

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