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Optmyzr for Google Data Studio
Optmyzr for Google Data Studio
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What is Data Studio?

Data Studio is Google's free dashboard and reporting solution. While Optmyzr's reports are easier to use and look beautiful from the start, some advertisers want more customizability and need additional data sources that Optmyzr doesn't connect with natively. 

How does Optmyzr integrate to Data Studio?

For the above purpose, we've integrated Optmyzr with Data Studio, making it easy to include our unique PPC data in this platform.

Optmyzr Connector is available on Data Studio for all subscription plans. You can go ahead and "Connect Data" to your Data Studio account using "Optmyzr Connector". 

The information that is currently available through Data Studio connector is:

  • Optimization History

  • Tools usage

  • Alerts

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