Optmyzr API Integration
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The Optmyzr API lets you connect to Optmyzr programmatically to access data like optimization suggestions, history, alerts and more. This data can then be incorporated with other third-party systems.

How to use the Optmyzr API?

Each Optmyzr account gets a unique API token that can be used to make calls to the Optmyzr API. For more details, read the API documentation here.

Use Cases

The Optmyzr API can be used to integrate with other systems like CRM systems (Salesforce, Zoho, etc.), business communication systems (Hipchat, Slack, etc.) and workflow systems (Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, etc.). For example, alerts and optimization suggestions for accounts can be pulled through the Optmyzr API and pushed to third-party tools the team is already using. This helps create better and more efficient workflows.

Access to the Optmyzr API is available on the Enterprise plan. Reach out to support@optmyzr.com for more details.

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