Bulk Edit Settings through CSV File
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The All Account dashboard offers two means to edit account settings: through individual accounts or by bulk. When modifying bulk settings, you can use a spreadsheet to upload information for all your connected accounts. You can edit: 

  • Account Owner

  • Monthly Budget

  • Cycle Date

  • Tags

  • Notes

To start, you first need to download the spreadsheet you'll use to make the bulk edits. You can find it under the 'Edit accounts in bulk' option.

You'll see up above on the right corner three buttons: Upload settings, download settings, and done. Once you upload the file, you can click on done and the dashboard will be updated automatically.

How does it work?

The download current settings option gives you a CSV file with all the details you are currently seeing. It can be exported and opened using Excel to visualize and edit. Any empty fields appear as dashes in the file.

The information for each account can be edited directly in the CSV file and then uploaded back to the All Accounts dashboard to apply the changes. 

If you want to make changes to only certain accounts, you can delete the rows you don't want to modify. That way when you upload the file back to the system, only the accounts in the CSV will be updated. Leaving an empty cell or using "-" will skip the setting. You can download a sample file from the interface to get started. 

Note: It's important to mention that the way Excel treats the numeric values for the account IDs may cause some Microsoft Ads accounts to not work, so it is advised that account managers take extra caution in making sure the information on the account ID for Microsoft Ads is properly set.

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