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Activity Dashboard - User Guide
Activity Dashboard - User Guide
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What is it?

The Activity Dashboard, as the name states, is a dashboard meant to help you keep track of the activity you've done in Optmyzr for the last couple of weeks. Unlike the All Accounts Dashboard or the Account Dashboard, the Activity Dashboard shows the percentage of usage and optimizations applied, rather than performance metrics. 

Why should I use it?

With the Activity Dashboard, you can get great insights into how many optimizations you or your team has applied, which team members are more or less active, or which accounts haven't had any changes, among others. It's a great way to:

  • Find optimization opportunities for accounts.

  • Find out if you missed optimizing any of your PPC accounts in Optmyzr. 

  • See the number of changes made to account(s) by team members. 

How does it work?

Overall usage

The Activity Dashboard offers two versions of scoreboards that let you see the account's overall usage for the last 30 days, last month, or for this week. You can switch between your own usage, the whole team or specific team members, and the top side drop-down. 

Date ranges note

When the filter "this week" or "this month" is selected, the tool will look at the date range, rather than the number of days.

For example, if you select "this week" with a date range from the current week of December 13th to December 17th (5 days), and compare it to last week, which was December 6th through December 12th (7 days), the tool will be comparing 5 to 7 days, as the current week (5 days) is not finished.

Optimization Opportunities 

  • Analyze the usage by all the team members on your Optmyzr account to show the number of times Data Insight tools were used.

  • Visualize the number of times the Optimization tools were viewed, and how many were actually applied. 

  • Visualize the changes made to accounts as an optimization summary. 

  • Identify how many of your connected accounts are being covered with the usage of Optmyzr tools.

  • Get quick insights on whether Reports are being used, and how so.

Team Activity Heatmap

This heat map shows on the calendar the spread of Optmyzr usage by the team for different days and months of a year.

Optmyzr Usage Audit

This feature allows you to audit your team's usage of Optmyzr. You can audit usage by account to see if all accounts are being Optimized through the tools, as well as find accounts that have optimization opportunities, such as automating manual processes. It will also give you insights on which tools are being used the most and how much time this has saved the team, and also know which team members are active in the platform.

On the results page, you'll see an overall grade, which is an average of the items below, and that can be C, B, A, or A+.

Each audit has its own individual grade, and when you press over the result, you'll see a more detailed range of information displayed.

You are able to download the results of an individual audit using the download icon located next to the score and you can also download the full report as a PDF or Excel file through the buttons located in the top right corner.

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