Optimize Quality Score in QST Tracker

Pause and SKAG low quality score keywords

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Optimize Quality Score

The further right tab on the Quality Score Tracker includes two options to optimize your quality score:

  • Pause low quality score keywords, and

  • SKAG low quality score keywords

Find and Pause Low Quality Score Keywords

This optimization feature uses rule-based optimizations to find those keywords that have a low quality score, and which are not driving any conversions. You can set your custom minimum threshold for conversions and QS to find the low performing keywords, apply a label to them and pause them. You can find more details here.

SKAG Low Quality Score Keywords

Improve performance of low quality score keywords by adding them to their own single keyword ad group (SKAG).

In the Keywords tab, you'll see the top spending keywords in the account with their own particular metrics, such as how the Quality Score has changed, keyword, ad relevance, and more. 

With this performance information, you can choose to take one (or more) keywords and convert it to a SKAG for its optimization, by pressing the icon next to it. 

You can check some frequently asked questions here, and you can read about troubleshooting questions here

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