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Why does the Quality Score seem off by one day?

The Quality Score is pulled each morning (PST time zone) for the previous day. This is because that is the time Google finalizes the Quality Score for the previous day. 

For example, the Quality Score on the morning of the 18th is the QS for the 17th, and the weighted QS for the 17th is calculated after the impression numbers are updated the next day. This is why the Quality Score appears one day late (by the PST time zone) in the Quality Score Tracker.

The tool calculates the Quality Score data by multiplying the Quality Score of the keywords in the account by the impression volume of the previous day. The calculated score is then stored for yesterday's date to make sure the impression count is complete as it takes a few hours for the data to update in Google Ads. 

In other words, if today your QS is 7, we say this is the result of your performance yesterday.

We believe this is a reasonable approach, as the most important thing about QS is to see the trend and to know when it started changing. 

Why is there a difference between the metrics shown in the Quality Score Tracker and those shown in the Google Ads interface?

In the Quality Score Tracker, all the statistics are displayed only for Google search. This could be a reason for the difference in the metrics like impressions, clicks, cost, etc. 

I don't see all the campaigns/ad groups/keywords from my Google Ads account in the Quality Score Tracker. Why?

The Quality Score Tracker only shows items (campaigns, ad groups, or keywords) that:

  • Have had clicks and impressions on Google Search during the selected date range. 

  • Are active and are present in active ad groups and campaigns.

  • Have a Quality Score greater than zero that is not -- (null)

This is the data that is taken into account to calculate the Quality Score. The items that don't show up in the tree view in the Quality Score Tracker didn't meet all the conditions mentioned above.

Why can't I create SKAGs using the Quality Score Tracker?

If the source ad group doesn’t have any eligible ad (ads are not enabled or are not serving), then Optmyzr won't allow the Quality Score Tracker tool to create a SKAG

When I am at the account level, some of the keywords with low QS are missing from the 'Keywords' section. However, when I am at the ad group level, these keywords (with the same QS) are showing up.

The system only returns the top 250 keywords with a cost > 0 at the account and campaign level. So if you have a lot of keywords at the ad group level as well, this will happen (the count won't add up).

If you wish to see more than 250 entries, please reach out to our support team at support@optmyzr.com so we can evaluate your case.

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