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The Quality Score Tracker

Quality Score (QS) is a value that Google uses to determine how relevant your keywords, ads, and landing pages are to a user's search query. However, you cannot go back in time and see how Quality Score for your account evolved because Google does not store historical Quality Score data.

The Quality Score Tracker records the Quality Score for each active keyword in your account on a daily basis. It also calculates and shows account, campaign, and ad group level Quality Score. 

You can see daily Quality Score trends for keywords, ad groups, and campaigns and overlay them with other statistics like impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR), avg. CPC, conversions, and more. 

The tool analyzes all these data points and provides a list of ad groups that need to be optimized to improve Quality Score thereby improving the overall ad rank while reducing cost. 

Quality Score Tracker Use Cases

These are some scenarios/use cases in which the Quality Score Tracker can help:

  • Analyze the general health of your account by seeing how many keywords are distributed by Quality Score. 

For example, if most keywords have a Quality Score of 4 and below, then the account needs to be optimized for improving Quality Score across the board.

  • Measure the impact of optimizations on Quality Score and see the correlation with other statistics like impressions, clicks, avg. position, avg. cost-per-click, etc. 

For example, if the average CPC of a keyword suddenly increases, is it because the Quality Score dropped?

  • Campaign and ad group level Quality Score lets you prioritize ad groups to optimize for maximum impact.

  • Historical Quality Score analysis is possible with the Quality Score Tracker. Unlike Google Ads where keyword-level QS can be analyzed only on a daily basis, the Quality Score Tracker lets you analyze keywords and ad groups for variations in Quality Score over time.

You can also determine if your Google Ads account is performing well by comparing any two statistics in the same chart. You can choose from Avg. CPC, QS, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, Cost per conversions, Conversion Rate, and Avg. Position.

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