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What does it do?

The Geo HeatMap offers a great visualization of the traffic your campaigns are driving to your website. It also gives you a breakdown of how different cities, regions, and countries are performing in the form of a map and table. 

Why should I use it?

Apart from the standard statistics like impressions and clicks, you can take a look at the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) data to find out which areas have a higher return on investment. This data can be broken down by city, region, or country.

You can also search for and exclude geographic locations that are driving irrelevant traffic and driving up the cost of the account, as well as identify the high converting areas to potentially create a separate campaign for them. 

Visualization Modes

There are two types of visualization modes available in Geo HeatMap that make it easier for you to visualize and analyze. 

Bubble Mode

The bubbles get combined for places when you zoom in and out and give you cumulative data for multiple locations. 

Non-Bubble Mode

The non-bubble mode has its own circle for each place that is colored red or green to reflect the performance.

What do the red and green markings mean?

The red markings signify an underperforming location, and the green ones indicate regions that are performing well.

Performance is determined by calculating the average of the selected metric across the divisions of the chosen level. Based on this calculated average, a division is marked as:

  • red, if the metric falls below the average, and

  • green, if the metric is greater than or equal to the average.

For Example, in the screenshot above, the metric selected is 'Impressions' and the data is segmented at the 'Region Level'. In this case, the system calculates the average of impressions across all available regions. Any regions above or below the average are marked green and red respectively.

Tips on how to use it

Get Google Ads insights by geography.
Based on the data available, you can get recommendations on increasing bids for geographies (by city, region, or country) that have a higher ROAS. Getting insights on how the campaigns are performing by location also helps target the right kind of audience.

Make sure ads are showing in the right geography.
Whenever you are using Geo HeatMap, ensure that the account is getting data from the right geographies. If you notice a lot of clicks coming from a country/city that has zero conversions, your ad might be driving irrelevant traffic and driving up the cost. Then it may be a good idea to either exclude that geography or create a separate campaign and optimize for it.

For example, ads for a company selling products for a local area are showing in locations where they don’t ship their products. This means that they are unnecessarily wasting money on locations that will not result in sales. 

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