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What level of data can I see in the Geo HeatMap?

You can choose to get data for:

  • Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Cost, CTR, Avg CPC, Conv Rate, ROAS, Avg Position, and Conv Value.

You can choose to view data for:

  • City, Region, and Country

You can also ‘Hide Unspecified Locations’ by selecting the box.

Why there is an asterisk in the bubble?

If you see an asterisk in the bubble (bubble mode), it means the data is coming from an unspecified location. If you click on the bubble, you'll see the location details in the window. You can also choose to hide the unspecified location in the tool. 

What are unspecified locations?

Unspecified locations are those regions that cannot be accurately identified, but which still have received some sort of traffic. 

Can I see data for paused campaigns? 

Yes, you can choose to see data for paused campaigns by selecting that option on the left-hand side of the campaign selector. 

Can I see data at the zip-code level?

The Geo HeatMap currently doesn't show Zip Code level data. The lowest level available for now is city-level. If this is a feature you need, let us know at

Is it possible to see campaign performance by States instead of Region?

Visualization by states isn't available in the Geo Heatmap, as the system doesn't consider states as locations. You can target campaigns to a specific region, which can be any geographical region available for location targeting (a country, a state, a city, or a postal region), but in the report, the state will be included in Region.

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