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What is it?

The Landing Page Analysis is an Insights tool that helps you find which Landing Pages in your account need to be worked on. It provides quick insight into how well your PPC landing pages are working based on search performance data. 

What does it do? 

The Landing Page Analysis tool:

  • Aggregates data for the same landing page across the account.

  • Identifies landing pages that require attention and need to be fixed to increase conversions.

  • Highlights landing pages that are performing well and can be used to improve the structure of other landing pages.

Optimizing landing pages help improve conversion rates and Quality Score. 

How to use it

You can access the tool directly from the Insights tab. By default the analysis will show results for the entire account, however, you can see the suggestions at an account, campaigns, and ad group level, as well as define the date range, networks, and devices to be considered. 

You can download all the suggestions in a CSV file and review them later, and if you're using query parameters, you can select the option 'Hide Query Parameters' at the top of the table to hide them from the view. 

Understanding the Results

The Landing Page Analysis tool aggregates data for the same landing page (URL) across the account. This data helps find the landing page URLs that are performing well as well as those that need to be optimized. Based on performance, they are divided into four categories:

High Performer

These are landing pages that have a high conversion rate and high CTR. This data can be used to identify landing pages that are doing well and apply what’s working for a high-performing landing page to other landing pages (expensive) that need to be optimized.

High Potential

These are landing pages that have a high conversion rate but low CTR. These landing pages indicate that the keywords and ads that lead to them are not as relevant and can be improved. 


These landing pages have a low conversion rate and high CTR. This data can be used to analyze the relevance of the keywords and ads with the landing page they lead to and how the content on the landing page affects the conversion process after the user clicks on the ad. 

It is possible that after reaching the landing page the user doesn't find what they are looking for or, the process to complete the conversion process is very tedious. This provides insights on whether the ad to landing page relevance needs to be improved or the conversion process on the landing page needs to be fixed. 


This category gathers the top spending pages that do not fall in any of the above categories.

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