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Does the Landing Page Analysis report on all my accounts' landing pages?

The Landing Page Analysis tool aggregates data for the same landing page (URL) across the account. This data helps find the landing page URLs that are performing well and those that need to be optimized. So, it doesn't necessarily include all the landing pages from your account.

How can I report on all of my account's landing pages?

If you'd like to get a report on all of your landing pages, you can use Check Destination URL Enhanced Script to automatically checks the landing pages that ads and keywords lead to. Read more about this script here. This will help you automate emailing a Landing Page Analysis report on a schedule.

How are the results calculated?

For the URL to become eligible to appear on the results page, they should have at least 11 clicks (clicks > 10).

For the URLs to be considered with a GOOD CTR/CONV. RATE, their CTR, or Conversion Rate must be higher than average CTR and Conversion Rate.

Where does the data come from?

The Landing Page Analysis shows data we are pulling from the Landing Page Report available through the Google Ads API.

Why am I seeing URLs that aren't landing pages?

In some cases, such as with DSA ads, the final URL is not explicitly defined but is rather generated from the content of the site and some additional rules. Although they are not final URLs per se, the tool shows them so that you can know how the different landing page URLs are performing.

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