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What is it?

The Spend Projection tool analyzes spend data, historical seasonality, and recent performance to predict how much the Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account is likely to spend by the end of the selected time period. Spend levels can fluctuate so the tool gives you a range for the projected spend. 

Why should you use it?

When you run a Google Ads campaign you have an allocated budget that needs to be spent within the stipulated time. The spend projection tool monitors the daily spends and gives future projections about how should the campaign spend the budget in order to meet the simulation budget. 

How does it work?

The system uses machine learning to predict the likely spend for each of the remaining days during the selected date range. It analyzes actual spend over the past few days to predict the cost the Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account will accrue at the end of the selected time period. Since actual spend levels fluctuate the system recommends a range for the spend.

While we predict the spend in the Spend Projection, we take into consideration the following two factors: 

  1. Day of the week.

  2. Weekly and yearly seasonality (to take into consideration the account growth) and its consistency in the past years (since the time a Google Ads account was active or 2010 whichever is earlier).

Date Ranges

On the left side filter, you can select which budgets and date range to use. The date ranges include the option of "This Budget Cycle" which considers your cycle date, in case your monthly budgets start from the fifth, and not the first of each month.

This is defined in the All Accounts Dashboard along with the target, and the information is used in this tool to display the simulation accordingly.

Settings for the Spend Projection Tool

Simulation Budget
Set the simulation budget.

Projected Spend till <end date>
Based on the current spend patterns, the amount the campaigns/account will spend by the end date.

Actual Spend till now
The total cost accrued by the account from the first date to the last date of the selected time period.

Required daily spend to hit the target
Based on the current spend patterns, you can see the required daily spend to meet the simulation budget.

Spend Projection (cumulative)

See an estimate of how much the PPC campaigns will spend by the end of the selected date range.

  • Projected Expected - This shows the expected spend the account will be at by the end of the date range.

  • Projected Max - Represents the upper spend limit.

  • Projected Min - The lower spend limit.

Spend Projection (daily)

You can also see your daily spend projection which shows the pattern of your spending across the week. You'll see the expected spend, expected min. spend and an expected max. spend for every day. This will give you an idea about the spending potential of the account. 

Demo Video

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