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Does the tool recalculate the spend projection immediately after a change has been made?

Optmyzr connects to the Google Ads API, so all the changes you apply in Google Ads or Optmyzr will be available in real-time. However, the calculation for the projection requires at least a day to recalculate the projected values based on the current changes. After applying any changes, you'll need to give the tool at least a day for the system to take these changes into consideration. 

How is Actual Spend calculated in Spend Projection?

Actual spend in Spend Projection is calculated by aggregating the spend of campaigns that are part of the selected budgets (shared and individual). By default, the campaigns which are part of the active budgets are included in the calculation; to include the campaigns from inactive/paused budgets, you can select the “Show Paused” option.

Why do I see a difference between the Actual Spend in Optimize Budget tool and Spend Projection tool?

Spend Projection tool shows the aggregated spend of the campaigns which are currently part of the selected budgets for a given date range. Even if some of these campaigns were part of a budget that is now removed, the system will include their entire performance while calculating the actual spend.

The Optimize Budget tool, on the other hand, by default, shows the total spend of the active budgets (both individual and shared) for a given date range. So, if you would like to see the performance of the budgets which are not active anymore, you can select the option “Show Paused”.

Why won't my video campaign budgets show up on the tool?

This might happen if you're using Campaign Total Budgets, as the tool only supports budgets that have a daily amount assigned.

What campaign types are not supported?

Currently, Google Ads doesn't share Demand Gen and feed-based Discovery campaign data via it's API and, as a result, these campaign types are not considered in the budget tools.

Is the spend from Experiment campaigns considered by the tool?

Yes. However, as Experiments share a portion of the Control campaign's traffic and budget, performance is attributed to the original Control campaign only. This is why the Experiment campaign is not displayed as an individual campaign in the left-hand campaign selector.

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