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Important: Expanded Text Ads can no longer be created in Google Ads. They will continue to serve, and you may pause and enable them at will.

All features regarding editing ad copy or creating new ETAs from the Ad Text Optimization tool have been deprecated. You can still use the tool to gain insights into your ETA components’ performance to decide whether to pause ads or find high-performing components to include in RSAs.

You can use our new Ad Text Optimization tool for RSA to analyze your RSAs performance by components, make bulk edits and create new RSAs. You can read more about this tool here.

The Ad Text Optimization is an optimization and insight tool made to help you break down and review your ad performance data by its components. This tool is available for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.

Note: The Ad Text Optimization tool will not show data for the Expanded Text Ads that don't have any historical performance information yet. It considers only if they received at least 1 impression.

How does it work?

To get started, select the campaign(s), date range, network(s), and device(s) on the left-side column, and click Update. 

The main header on the tool will display the different components of the ads, allowing you to switch performance view between headlines, descriptions, paths, combined paths (1/2), all the available headlines combined, or the full ads.

As with most of our tools, you'll see the column selector on the right where you can select which metrics to view. Likewise, the filters on the top left can be changed to your own needs. 

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