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Negative Keyword Finder (Search) - User Guide

Find irrelevant search terms that are costing you money

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What does it do? 

This tool analyzes the search terms report from your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts. It identifies individual words that are part of the search queries and are not performing well. It recommends adding them as negative keywords because they may not be relevant to your account. 

How does it work?

The system analyzes the search terms report in your account, breaks it down into single words, and aggregates data for them. 

You can view the search terms of which the suggestion was a part and choose to add the single word as well as the search term as a negative keyword to a shared negative list.  

How to use it

Select Search Terms to add as Negatives

The default settings for the suggestions are a 90-day date range, and the Turbo Mode is disabled. The "Last 14 day changes" option means it won't show you the negative keywords that were applied through the tool in the last 14 days. This is also set to "Hide" by default. If you want to see the full list of suggestions, you can unselect this option.

You can select the suggestions that you would like to add as negative keywords and add them to the shortlist. This list can be uploaded to Google Ads with a single click through the Optmyzr interface.

Single words are in bold, and underneath them are the terms that have included that word. Next to each, you'll see the impressions received, clicks, CTR, cost, Avg. CPC and Conversions.

When adding the negative keywords, you can choose the match type the keyword will have. By default, the match type for both the individual keywords and for the exact query is "Phrase". You can also edit the keyword by pressing directly on it.

The bin symbol lets you archive the suggestions, and if you choose this option, you won't see it again in the list.

Note: You can select multiple suggestions to bulk archive or bulk change match type.

You can choose to add individual words or the complete search query that included the word to the shortlist. When selecting the option to archive the keyword, you can also set the default to "do not ask again".

Upload Suggestions

Once reviewed and selected, simply click on 'Review And Upload' to upload the negative keywords to your Google Ads account. You will be prompted to choose the shared negative list to which you want to add the negative keywords.

You can also choose to download these suggestions in CSV format, as well as a copy of the previously Archived Suggestions. 

Add to an Existing Shared Negative List

New negative keywords can be added to an already existing shared negative list, or you can create one for it.

Add to a New Shared Negative List

Once you've added the name, you'll need to select the campaigns you'll include in the list.

Add as an Account-Level Negative

Select the "Account Negative" option to add the suggestions as negative keywords at the account level.

Turbo Mode

In case you don't see suggestions in the optimization, you can enable the Turbo Mode. This will lower the data thresholds the system uses, allowing you to see more search terms. 

Note: This feature is not available for Microsoft Ads accounts. 

You can check some frequently asked questions here, and you can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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