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Methodology Behind the Keyword Lasso
Methodology Behind the Keyword Lasso
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How does the Keyword Lasso generate recommendations for keywords to add?

The Keyword Lasso looks at the Google Ads search terms report to find search terms that converted or have a high CTR.

The default mode suggests adding these search terms as keywords in the ad group they were triggered in, though you can also choose to add them to a different ad group or campaign. 

It automatically checks if the search terms are already present as keywords somewhere else in your Google Ads account and if so, won't suggest them, in order to avoid duplicates. 

You can choose the strategy you would like the suggestions to be based on:  

  • CTR. This option will show search terms that have a high CTR.

  • Conversions. This option will display search terms that have conversions.

  • CTR and Conversions. This will show search terms that have a good CTR or have conversions.

  • Custom Strategy. This will open up the custom filters that will let you set a threshold on conversions, impressions, cost, etc. to see suggestions based on your strategy. You can save this selection for further use.

The system analyzes data for the last 90 days because that is enough time for search terms to perform. Since the suggestions are vetted by statistics, the date range doesn't matter.

Unlike a regular search terms report, once you add the search term as a keyword it won't show up in the suggestions. Search terms can be added in one of the three match types - broad, phrase, and exact.

Note: The Keyword Lasso doesn’t include long-tail search terms (more than 5 words).

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