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The Keyword De-Duper optimization helps you find duplicate keywords in your Google Ads account, within the same campaign or across campaigns, and recommends which ones you should keep and which ones you should pause.

Select Parameters

You can choose to use one of two modes, Basic and Advanced:

  • Basic Mode: Look for keywords with the same match type in the same campaign (default).

  • Advanced Mode: Look for keywords with the same match type across campaigns.

Apply Changes

Select the keywords you want to keep and press Apply Changes. The system will keep the selected keywords and will automatically pause the rest.

If you need to export the suggestions, you can download a CSV file or a Google Ads Editor file.

Recommended Use

We recommend using this optimization every two weeks (14 days). In case you add keywords more regularly,  you should run it more often. 

You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

Note: The suggestions by Optmyzr only show duplicates that have had at least one impression. 

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