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What does it do?

The optimization analyzes the search terms and the keyword data and suggests adding some search terms as exact match negative keywords at the ad group level, ensuring the right ads show for each search query in the account. If you're using any broad or phrase match keywords, it is likely that some search queries will match to less relevant keywords and show a less relevant ad. 

Why should you use it?

This tool helps you show more relevant ads and direct traffic to the ad group that matches the search term exactly. You can use it to find the ad group that wrongly matches a search term, and add the search term as an exact match negative. 

Traffic Sculptor for DSA Campaigns

The Traffic Sculptor tool can be used on DSA campaigns to add exact match negatives so you don't poach traffic from your keyword campaigns. In the case of DSA campaigns, the "keyword" field in the tool will appear blank.

Please note: The Traffic Sculptor does not consider broad match modifier close variants (only exact and phrase).

How does it work?

1. Parameters

To begin with, select the campaigns where you want to look for suggestions. 

2. Filters

You have three options for filtering the suggestions:

  • Conservative: Keywords with at least 10 impressions.

  • Default: Keywords with at least 5 impressions.

  • Aggressive: No minimum amount of impressions is required.

3. Metrics

You can also select the metric columns you want to display. 

Applying Changes

Once you have reviewed the suggestions, select the suggestions you want to add as negative keywords and click on "Add Negative Keywords".

Demo Video

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