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One Word Keywords - User Guide
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What does it do?

This optimization helps you discover keywords that are only one word in length and may be driving irrelevant traffic to your Google Ads account. It gives you the option to pause them in your Google Ads account with a single click. 

How does it work?

The system looks at all one-word keywords present in phrase and broad match (across all network types) in your Google Ads account. It analyzes performance data like traffic, cost, conversions, and quality score for the last 30 days and shows one-word keywords that need your attention. 

Why should you optimize these keywords?

Currently, it's not possible to count the number of words in a keyword in Google Ads, making it easy to miss one-word keywords that might drive unnecessary traffic to your site and increase the cost. It is important to keep a tab on such keywords and make sure they are not driving up your cost per conversion. 

How to use it

Setting up the Parameters

Select the filters according to what do you want your suggestions based on:

  • Conservative: shows less number of suggestions and requires that they have more traffic before recommending them.

  • Default: may show more suggestions than the Conservative level but less than the Aggressive level.

  • Aggressive: displays the maximum number of recommendations, even those keywords that received impressions but no clicks.

  • Custom Filters: you can customize the metrics you want the system to consider when displaying results.

You can download a CSV file with the list of keywords you want to pause or the ones you want to archive. You can also choose to archive the keywords you don't wish to see on the list because they are relevant to your account. Once they are archived, the suggestions will not be shown the next time you run the optimization.

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