Hour of Week Bid Adjustments - FAQs
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How are bid adjustments recommended?

Based on the goal that is selected, our algorithm identifies time slots that can help achieve that goal by either getting a higher or lower bid adjustment. A time slot should have enough data to be eligible.

In the chart below you will see the metric you are optimizing for (upwards) vs cost (downwards). 

  • Green Time Slots: The time slots for which the algorithm recommends an increase in bids are highlighted in Green.

  • Red Time Slots: The time slots where a lower bid adjustment is recommended are highlighted in Red.

  • Grey Time Slots: Time slots with not enough data will be grey and bid adjustments for those time slots are based on the performance of nearby time slots.

For example, if the time slot 4:00 - 6:00 am doesn't have enough data we'll look at the performance of time slots adjacent to this (2:00 - 4:00 am and 6:00 - 8:00 am) to make a recommendation.

Will the Hour of the Week Bidder override any ad schedules I have on Google Ads?

In the tool, you can set up bid adjustments at the account or campaign level. When you select it at the campaign level (one at a time), the current ad schedules on your account will be displayed in the tool's graph. 

If you make a change with the tool in Optmyzr, it will override any previous hourly bid adjustments that were there for the campaign in Google Ads, and they will be replaced with the changes you're applying. This is because our system has to rewrite all the hourly bid adjustments and replace them with what you've set. 

Note: For Audience, Geo, etc, the system will add the new bid adjustments on top of the existing ones.

If you want to keep the ad schedule you have in Google Ads, you can keep it by making changes around it. For example, if your ad schedule is to lower the bid, any change above zero (marked zones), won't affect the configuration you want to keep.

Will the Hour of the Week Bidder override any bid adjustments I set up using Automated Rules?

The Automated Rules can pause a whole entity (campaign), whichever the settings are (like the ad schedule). If the start time of the automated rule is before/after the ad schedule time, it won't affect the ad schedule. But if they coincide, the Automated Rule will override any ad schedule you have. 

For example, if you run the automated rule on the weekend, and the ad schedule (through the HOW) during the week, the automated rule won't pause the ad schedule because it won't be working.

Are the time slots for dayparts automatically adjusted?

To offer better optimization recommendations, our system may break a long time slot into shorter ones or combine short time slots into one. This isn't necessarily auto-adjusted and only happens with time slots that already exist and have the same bid adjustment. It will not make a recommendation that starts showing ads at a new time, therefore this won't have any negative impact on the ad schedules of your account.

Can the tool set Bid Adjustments for Performance Max campaigns?

Bid modifiers are not supported for this type of campaign. However, you can use the tool to create ad schedules to run the campaign at a particular time slot.

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