Why aren't I seeing any suggestions in the First Page Bridger Optimization?

This optimization suggests increasing bids for keywords that have bids slightly below the required first-page bid and have a good quality score. There are a few reasons because of which the tool may not be showing any suggestions: 

  • No keywords match the selected criteria and filter level. 

For example: if the filter level is set to 'Conservative', then you'll only see keywords that have a Quality Score of 7 or more and their current bid is 20% less than the first-page bid.

  • All the campaigns are paused - the system only shows suggestions for active campaigns and ad groups. 

The First Page Bridger shows keywords that have bids slightly below (around 20%) the required the first-page bid, and which have a good quality score. It doesn't show all the keywords that are currently below the first-page bid, it only shows the keywords that would have the highest impact with a minimal increase in bid. 

For example, if there is a keyword with a Quality Score of 4 that has a bid of $1.00 and the first-page bid is $2.00, then the system won't show it as a suggestion because it has a low Quality Score and would need a 100% bid increase to reach the first page. However, if there is a keyword that has a Quality Score of 8 with a bid of $1.00 and the required first-page bid is $1.10, the system will show it as a recommendation. 

This is because, with a small increase in the bid (max CPC), the keyword has a very good chance of showing in a good position on the first page.

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