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Conversion Grabber - User Guide
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What is it?

The Conversion Grabber helps you get more conversions by finding converting keywords that will benefit from an increase in the bids.  

How does it work?

This optimization looks for keywords in your Google Ads account which have had conversions, but which are currently losing impression share due to ad rank. It'll then recommend selective bid increases for the keywords that would have the most positive impact on conversions.

The analysis looks at data for the last 30 days. You can change the date range to look at a different period as well.

Why should you use it?

By finding converting keywords that have a low impression share, and increasing their bid you can drive more sales and traffic to your site, which will have a positive impact on your conversions. The premise is if converting keywords show more, they will convert more.

We recommend running the optimization every two weeks. 

How to use it

Setting up parameters

To begin with, and on the left side of the screen, select the campaigns where you want to apply the optimization and the date range you wish to take into consideration when analyzing results. Then you'll need to define the filters to be used. By default, the tool will show suggestions based on the Top Suggestions. The options are as follows:

  • Top Suggestions: Selected by default. 

  • Conservative: Requires keywords to have a higher number of conversions to be suggested.

  • Normal: The number of conversions a keyword has to have to be recommended in this mode is higher than aggressive but lower than conservative.

  • Aggressive: Even keywords with a single conversion will be suggested.

  • Custom filter: You can select the metrics you want the system to analyze when displaying the results.

Increasing Bids

Set the new bids for the selected keywords. You can either do it automatically by pressing the Set Bids menu (A in the screenshot) or manually edit it on "New Bid" (M in the screenshot).

  • For automatic updates, you can choose a percentage number and click update. For example, if you select "Current Bid + 10%", the bid will be increased 10% above the current bid.

  • For manual updates, you can set a specific new bid of your choice.

Like most of our optimizations, you can download the results as a CSV or a Google Ads Editor file. 


The parameters used to show results are as follows:

  • Keywords must be losing an IS (rank) higher than 30.

  • Keywords need at least a conversion.

After you are done reviewing the results, you can click the Apply Changes button and the system will ask you for confirmation before uploading the new bids to your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account.

Hidden Suggestions

By default, the system won't show suggestions for keywords that had bid modifications in the last 14 days to prevent increasing bids too frequently. You can choose to display these suggestions by switching off the 'hide' option in the left menu.

Keywords on Automated Bidding

If you are seeing a message like this on the screen, it means that you have some keywords on automated bidding, that are converting but losing impression share. It is not possible to change bids for keywords on automated bidding.

However, if you're using the Target CPA or Target ROAS strategy, you can increase the impression share for such keywords by changing the target CPA and target ROAS at the ad group level using the optimizations Optimize Target CPA or Optimize Target ROAS.

If you have questions, send a message to our support team and they will be happy to help you :).

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