Troubleshooting Optimizations
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I can't see the changes in my Google Ads account

If you can see the changes in the Optmyzr Optimization History, it means they were applied to your Google Ads account. However, the changes made to a Google Ads account through Optmyzr will reflect under the Google Ads login email used to access the Google Ads account from Optmyzr. This is not dependent on your Optmyzr email. 

Nothing happens when I click the "Apply Changes" button in the Optimizations

After you click on the 'Apply Changes' button, a pop-up window should appear on your screen asking you to confirm the changes. Sometimes, if popups are disabled for Optmyzr in the browser, the message won't appear. To resolve this, you can close the browser and open it again

If you are still unable to apply the changes after closing the browser, please contact the Optmyzr Support Team. 

What are the Top Suggestions Instant Filters? 

The Top Suggestions filter uses an algorithm that assigns a score to each suggestion based on its stats. It then takes the suggestions with the highest score. 

As this is all relative, you will see different thresholds for different accounts.

How can I undo changes?

Although you can't undo changes made by optimization in Optmyzr, there is a way to do it from your Google Ads account. Go to the Google Ads account in which you ran the optimization. In "Change History", click on the Undo icon to revert the changes that were made 

Keep in mind that the user that appears in Google Ads belongs to the Google Ads account email in Optmyzr, and not the Optmyzr login email. 

You can only undo changes that get recorded in the Change History in Google Ads. If you need to remove bid adjustments (like an ad schedule), you'll have to follow the instructions available in Google Ads.

While I try to apply changes to a Google Ads account through Optmyzr, I'm encountering the following error message:

[OperationAccessDenied.ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED @ class]

This can happen when trying to apply changes to YouTube campaigns, as Google Ads doesn't allow making changes to YouTube campaigns through the API.

It could also be because the Google Ads email that is used to link the account to Optmyzr doesn't have the permission to make changes (read data only).

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