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Optmyzr Express - User Guide
Optmyzr Express - User Guide
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What is it?

Optmyzr Express shows you optimization suggestions across accounts. It is designed to work as a to-do list for your Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Yahoo Japan Ads accounts - you can breeze through multiple optimization tasks in minutes! Going through Optmyzr Express is like going through your email inbox every morning. 

How does it work?

By default, it will load all suggestions for all accounts. From the menu on the left, you can choose to filter the suggestions by type and by the accounts you want to view them for. It is possible to choose specific accounts by name or starred accounts or you can choose to view suggestions for all linked Ads accounts. 

How are the suggestions made?

The suggestions for each task are based on pre-defined algorithms. You can hover over any text with a dotted underline to get more information on why the suggestion was made. 

Each optimization has an 'Apply' button that applies the changes to your Ads accounts and a 'Snooze' button that lets you snooze it for a day, week, or month. 

Only suggestions that are selected are applied, and there is an option to archive individual suggestions as well (will show on hover next to the checkbox). The archive button permanently archives suggestions you don't want to see. 

For example, if the system recommends adding a search term as a keyword and it is a keyword you never want to add, archive it so you stop seeing it as a suggestion. 

Date ranges used for optimization suggestions

  • Age Range Bid Adjustment: Last 90 days

  • Push Keywords to First Page: Last 30 days

  • Add New Keywords: Last 90 days 

  • Gender Bid Adjustments: Last 90 days

  • Pause Low Performing Ads: Last 30 days

  • More Traffic for Converting Keywords: Last 30 days

Why aren't I seeing any suggestions in the dashboard?

If you aren't seeing any suggestions in the account dashboard sidebar, it can be for one of two reasons:

  1. Optimization suggestions were recently applied to the account.

  2. There is not enough data yet to show significant suggestions.

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