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Create Responsive Search Ads - User Guide
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What is it?

This tool is a practical solution for creating new Responsive Search Ads in your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts. It offers suggestions for headlines and descriptions and eases the process of creating the ads one by one and from different interfaces. 

Note: For now, the tool only gives suggestions for Ad Groups with no existing RSA.

How does it work?

The system gathers information from the headlines and descriptions of all the active ads in the selected campaign or within the same ad group and feeds the tool suggestions for new headlines and descriptions based on CTR.

You can modify or delete the suggestions as you wish, and once reviewed and approved, you can upload them directly to your Ads account with a single click. 

Note: This optimization supports copying over tracking templates.

How do I use it?

To start off, choose the campaign where you'll be creating new ads. You'll have the option to get headlines and description suggestions from either "Active ads in the same ad group" or "All active ads in the campaign", with the option to include paused ETAs.

On the tool's main page, you'll see the ad groups table on the left side, with all the ads that are either approved by you or pending your approval. You can create one ad per ad group, adding up to 15 headline options and up to 4 descriptions. 

The text fields in Final URL, Path 1, and Path 2 are all editable, and for each Headline and Description suggestion, you'll see a variety of other recommended texts. When modifying a suggestion, you can do so for that specific ad or for the suggestion across all the unrevised ads. 

Note: Keep in mind that the Responsive Search Ads work with any combination of headlines and descriptions, so it's important they make sense individually and in combination.

Once you've reviewed the information for that ad, you'll have three options:

  • Press Skip to leave it pending or unapproved, and move over to the next one.

  • Press Approve to add it to the approved ads list.

  • Press Approve All Ads to add all the ad suggestions to the approved list. 

Finally, to upload them to your Google Ads account, simply press the top right button. This will give you the option to upload the ads to your Ads accounts, or download a CSV file with all approved RSAs in case they need further review before uploading them.

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