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Why isn't cost/conversion an option in the drop-down?

Cost/Conversion is not a ratio that can be used to determine success and is not a percentage that can be used to determine the probability of success for an ad text. 

Why aren't all the ads in the ad group listed on the page?

If an ad or an ad group is not listed on the page, it's because they don't have enough data for the tool to make a recommendation. The system analyzes all the active ad groups in real-time, and will only show those ads and ad groups that have statistically significant results. If you want to view all the active ad groups in the account, try the turbo mode in this optimization. 

Why don't some of the losing ads have the pre-checked box to pause them?

The AB Testing tool compares ads with statistically significant data and shows you the losers based on the criteria you choose (Conv/Imp, CTR, Conv Rate).

When you have unselected highlighted ads, it means those ads are losing, but not based on the selected criteria. 

How can I configure the settings to filter what AB Testing shows?

You can use the Advanced Settings to add conditions like the minimum number of impressions an ad should have had before entering ad testing, and the percentage of difference which should be between the ads being compared.

For example, if you select 10% in the "Max difference in impressions", the system will only compare those ads that have a difference of 10% or less in impressions during the date range. This translates into a filter where, if Ad A has 10,000 impressions and Ad B has 5,000, they won't enter into AB Testing as the difference in the impressions they have had is greater than 10%.

This makes sure that you've received a similar amount of traffic during the selected date range for the ads entering into AB testing. 

How can I exclude traffic from Search Partners in the AB Testing for Ads optimization?

We can enable the option to only consider traffic for Google Search in this optimization. Write to our team at support@optmyzr.com and we'll selectively enable this feature for your account.

Why aren't I seeing any suggestions?

There are a couple of reasons that could influence why you aren't seeing suggestions.

For starters, the system may not find statistically significant data in any of the ad groups to declare ads as losing ads. In such cases, you can turn on the Turbo Mode to see all ad groups that have active ads. 

In the Turbo Mode, the system lowers the data threshold when selecting losing ads. It may not make recommendations for ad groups that don't have enough data. 

This can also happen due to the filters selected, as there might not be any ads that match the criteria. For example, if the network is set to search and ad type is set to image, there won't be any suggestions because there are no image ads on the search network in Google Ads. You can read more about the filters here

Finally, make sure to check the status of the campaigns, as the system only shows suggestions for active campaigns and ad groups.

If there's an ad group with only two ads, where one has ad customizers, will the AB Testing suggest pausing them?

No, in this case, we won't show any ads from that ad group to be paused, as pausing the ad without an ad customizer will stop the ad with ad customizers to serve. And as a result of pausing one ad, the entire ad group will stop serving ads.

"If you proceed with the current selection of ads, it can cause ads with ad customizers to stop serving. This can be due to pausing of all ads without ad customizers and, as a result, the entire ad group will stop serving ads"

This warning is shown when all the non-ad customizer ads (that are suggested for the tool) are selected to be paused when ad customizer ad(s) exist in that particular ad group.

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