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What is it?

The Optimize Budgets - Single Platform tool lets you optimize budgets for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads by translating them from monthly to daily budgets. This can be done to achieve a target or allocate more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales. 

You can access the tool here.

What does it do?

The tool analyses the spending on campaigns and shared budgets in your accounts. It helps you re-arrange your target budget basis the spending capability of individual and shared budgets. This tool suggests balancing budgets by taking a part of the budget amount which won't end up being spent. This amount can be easily allotted to the ones which are losing search impression share. 

Why should you use it?

This tool makes it easy to:

  1. Reallocate budget to campaigns that are performing well.

  2. Adjust campaign or shared budgets to meet a certain target budget for the month.

  3. Allocate budget considering the spending potential of the campaign based on impression share. 

How does it work?

Date Ranges

On the left side filter, you can select which budgets and date range to use. The date ranges include the option of "This Budget Cycle" which considers your cycle date, in case your monthly budgets start from the fifth, and not the first of each month.

This is defined in the MCC Dashboard along with the target, and the information is used in this tool to display the simulation accordingly.

Define Scope & Simulation Budget 

On the left side picker, select the scope and date range to be taken into consideration, then enter the budget which you'd like to spend for your account/selected budgets and click on update. You will find the following columns:

  • Simulation Budget. The budget has to be spent by the end of the selected date range.

  • Projected spend till the end of the selected date range. The amount of money that will be spent on the last date in the date range.

  • Actual spend till now. The amount of money that has already been spent until the day of analysis.

  • Required daily spend to hit the target. How much the campaigns should spend every day for the rest of the date range to meet the target budget. If you have an additional budget available to meet your target, you can go on to the next step. 

Analyze Suggestions

To generate suggestions, the tool tries different daily budgets and, based on the historical spending tool, suggests a potential daily spend. If the potential daily budget is larger than your daily budget, then it'll highlight in yellow.

  • Daily Budget - Current daily budget for the entity.

  • Edit Daily Budget - Option to set a new daily budget.

  • Projected Spend - The amount that a budget will end up spending by the end of the selected date range.

  • Recent IS Lost (Budget) - Impression share lost due to budget restrictions.

  • Avg. daily spend - Average daily spend.

  • Potential daily spend - The potential for daily spend.

Budget Simulator 

For a selected date range, the tabulated information in Budget Simulator is calculated by using the impression share lost due to budget in the last 7 days and any expected seasonal surges. 

It calculates and suggests multiple options for setting New Daily Budget and how much money can be spent over the period of the selected date range. There are two columns in the Budget Simulator:

  • Daily Budget - A table of options for New Daily budget options, in which the selected shared/individual budget is capable of exhausting.

  • Projected Spend - The amount of money the campaign can spend if you select its corresponding suggested Daily budgets.

Get Optimization Suggestions 

You'll see suggestions for budget optimization on each tab depending on the target you want to achieve: Increase clicks, Increase Conversions, or Increase Conversion Value.

Each line of suggestions carries different aggressiveness levels, and next to every number, you'll see the % of increase/decrease it would undergo with that particular change. 

Click the suggestion that suits you better and scroll down to see the details. Edit the Daily Budgets to show the new value needed to reach the selected suggestion and for the Projected Spend to display the new projection. 

Once you've reviewed the suggestions, choose which budgets you want to apply the changes for, if not all, and press Apply Changes to Account.


  • We recommend using individual budgets for every campaign because using the most granular settings produces the optimal results.

  • The tools work with shared budgets, a mix of shared budgets, and individual campaign budgets. 

  • We strongly recommend not using both this tool along with the Reach Target Monthly Budget script at the same time, as they will override the changes made by each other.

Some Quick FAQs

Why don't my video campaign budgets show up on the tool?

This might happen if you're using Campaign Total Budgets, as the tool only supports budgets that have a daily amount assigned.

I'm seeing "Removed" next to my campaign names, but these campaigns are still running and not paused.

When you see the words "removed" next to a campaign name, it indicates that the budget has been removed for that campaign during the date range. It does not have to do with the state of the campaign. This will also only be visible when you have checked the "show paused" option in the left-hand filters.

Note: The system only shows those entities which have had performance data.

Entities are considered budgets in the filter view and the campaigns associated with the budgets.

Demo Video

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