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RLSA Links Manager
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What is it?

The RLSA Links Manager makes it easy to associate multiple remarketing lists for Search to many ad groups simultaneously in your Google Ads account. You can also use it to unlink lists from ad groups. The lists that are added through this optimization can then be bid upon in Google Ads. 

Why should you use it?

Manually linking RLSA lists to ad groups is a very tedious and time-consuming task in Google Ads. This tool can help you link multiple lists at the same time across ad groups. 

How does it work?

The RLSA Links Manager shows you the number of lists that are already linked to an ad group under the 'User Lists already linked' column. You can click on it to see the names of the lists.

  1. Select the user lists you would like to associate with ad groups in the left panel.

  2. On the right side of the page select the ad groups you would like to associate the remarketing lists with. You can use the 'Filter by Campaign or Adgroups' option to view ad groups from selected campaigns.

  3. After making your list and ad group selection, click on 'Link ad groups to user lists'. In this drop-down, you'll get the option to link or unlink lists. Based on the action you select, you'll start seeing the lists in the 'User Lists to Link' column or the 'User Lists to Unlink' column. 

  4. The last step is to 'Apply Changes to Account'. Clicking this button will upload the lists + ad group linking to your Google Ads account.

How do I access it?

This optimization is currently in closed Beta. To get access, write to us at and our awesome support team will be happy to assist you :-)

Does this work with remarketing lists on display?

Currently, the RLSA Linking Manager only works with Search and Shopping campaigns. When you filter by the campaign and select a display campaign, you won't see any ad groups.

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