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Migrating Shopping Campaigns to Optmyzr
Migrating Shopping Campaigns to Optmyzr
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Can I use Optmyzr's Shopping Tools if I use an automated bidding strategy?

If you are using automated bidding strategies in Google Ads, there will be some tools you won't be able to use, as Google Ads doesn't allow any manual bid changes in campaigns with automated bidding strategies. Here's a breakdown of the available tools for such a case. 

Tools that can be used on Automated Bidding Strategy:

Optmyzr tools like Product Group Refresher, Negative Keywords, and Campaign Builder will work for you irrespective of the bidding strategy you are using. The Product Group Refresher and the Shopping Negatives will only give you suggestions for the campaigns which are enabled. In the Campaign Builder, you can also create a structure for a paused campaign so you can enable it later.

Tools that cannot be used on Automated Bidding Strategy:

Shopping bid management tools such as Shopping Bidder, Attribute Bidder, and Rule Engine. This is only limited because Google Ads doesn't allow manually editing bids for product groups if your campaign is set on Automated bidding strategies. 

If you'd like to take control of how you should be bidding on the product groups, you'd need to change the bidding strategy to be on Manual or ECPC bidding. This will allow you to use Bidding tools from Optmyzr to make changes to your product groups.

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