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Select Parameters

  • Last 7 days changes: This is a fail-safe that prevents you from changing the bid for the same product groups every day. The system automatically hides product groups for which bid changes have been made in the last seven days through the Shopping Bidder. 

  • Advanced Settings: Sometimes individual product groups don't have enough data. This feature enables you to aggregate data to make bid decisions. You can read more about how it works here.

Changing Bids

When making bid modifications, you can choose to do so manually (M on the screenshot below) or use any of the automatic choices from the "Set Bids" option (A on the screenshot below).

  • Set to: Set up the bid by a fixed amount of money (the currency will depend on your Google Ads currency).

  • Increase by: Increase the bid by a percentage or by an amount of money.

  • Decrease by: reduce the bid by a percentage or by an amount of money.

Once you've updated your bid selection, the New CPC column will automatically show the new bids. 

After you finish making changes, you can click the "Apply Changes" button, and the bids will be updated in your Google Ads account. 

Reminder on Ad Group Names

Please note that if the ad groups have a tab in their name (for example "name|name"), the tool will return an error. To avoid this, make sure you check and modify (if necessary) any ad groups with tabs in their names.

Demo Video

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