Merchant Center Troubleshooting
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Feed Synchronization Pending

This might happen for one of two reasons:

1. Sync hasn't finished yet

If the system takes a while, it could be because there are too many products fetched from your Merchant account.

You can confirm the status by clicking on the 'Feed Sync Status' icon.

2. Lost Permissions Access

If it has been pending for more than a couple of hours, it might be because Optmyzr has lost permission to access your feed. This happens when permissions expire for the Merchant Center email. 

To solve this, you can relink your Merchant Center Email and refresh permissions by clicking on "Link it to Optmyzr". You'll have to relink the merchant center email as if you were linking a new email to refresh permissions.

Merchant Feed Link Error

There are 2 reasons why this could happen:

1.- Optmyzr lost access to the merchant accounts: To solve this, you can link the Merchant Account to Optmyzr again.

2.- You are trying to link the Merchant MCC instead of linking the Child MCC.


Can I replace a currently linked Merchant Feed ID?

When creating a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads, the Merchant Feed ID you set will be the one associated with your products and, therefore, cannot be changed once the campaign is created. If you are trying to update the feed ID, and unlink an old one, you first need to know if that shopping feed is linked to the campaign. You can do so in the shopping campaign settings in Google Ads, as seen in the screenshot below.

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